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Top 9 Reasons Why Sati is a ‘MUST HAVE SPEAKER’ for any event

Hiring Sati as a speaker for your event will be an appropriate decision. He can delight and enthrall audiences when he delivers his inspiring presentation on vast human potential.

Having spent more than 30 years on in-depth study of the secret merits of successful people, Sati has uncovered the mysteries of human potential. He has applied these winning qualities in his own life and become highly successful: Sati holds four master's degrees, speaks six languages, and is the author of five books, including 12 Qualities of Highly Successful People. His cartoons and caricatures have been published in more than 25 US national newspapers. He is a hand shadow puppeteer who was a quarter finalist on America’s Got Talent and was a featured guest on The Late Show with David Letterman. He is a ventriloquist and magician, and plays four musical instruments. He was also a university gold medalist in Yoga for three consecutive years. No wonder, Sati has been recognized by the U.S. Government as a ‘Person of Extraordinary Ability’. Who else can be better qualified than Sati as an expert to inspire corporate executives and entrepreneurs become more successful?

Likewise, Sati is an ideal expert to talk on time management. Thanks to his efficient time management skills, he has achieved great feats, as mentioned above, at a multidimensional level.

Here are the top nine reasons for booking Sati:

Immensely Valuable Takeaways: Your audience will be enriched and empowered with meaningful ideas, tools, and techniques that can be immediately applied in their day to day life to achieve a high level of success. For instance, Sati will show the attendees how to create and fulfill dreams just like Walt Disney, Steven Spielberg, Michael Jordan, Marck Zuckerberg, and Jeff Bezos. They will also learn how to set goals and achieve them like President John Kennedy, Bruce Lee, and Jim Carrey. Similarly, they will learn the winning qualities of Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Oprah Winfrey, Andrew Carnegie, Nelson Mandela, Henry Ford, and many other highly successful personalities.

Visually Unforgettable Presentation: Sati’s talks are innovative, interactive, exciting, and entertaining. He seamlessly blends hand shadows, ventriloquism, and caricatures in his talks. For instance, as Sati narrates the inspiring stories of successful people, he will create the hand shadow profiles of many of them. For the remaining ones, he will draw their spot caricatures in front of the audience. Further, being an excellent ventriloquist, he will also be featuring his puppet to make the presentation hilarious and outrageously funny. No doubt, attendees will be mesmerized, fully engrossed, spellbound, and dazzled by his unique talents.

Captivating and Inspiring: Sati’s high-energy presentation and enthusiastic delivery will consistently inspire audiences. Attendees will be convinced that learning the winning qualities of successful people is no rocket science. Instead, they will realize that they too can develop these winning qualities, unlock their potential, and transform their lives to be extremely successful.

Multi-page Take-home Handouts: The attendees will carry with them handouts of Sati’s presentation which will help them to review and analyze the quintessential traits and qualities of successful people. By integrating and incorporating these traits and qualities as part of their daily life, attendees are bound to enjoy the fruits of success.

Real-world Experience: With 23 years of experience in the World Bank in Washington D.C and 8 years prior to that in the Indian Civil Service in various responsible positions, he is a proven leader with deep real-world experience.

Unique Perspective: So far Sati has traveled to 58 countries. This international experience has given him a broad vision and compelling perspective on life.

Captivating Story-teller: A powerful story-teller, Sati vividly narrates inspiring stories of successful people. These stories will capture your attention and motivate you to be successful, just like those great people.

His own life story is very inspirational: Sati practices what he preaches. Whether it is time management or the winning qualities of highly successful people, he applies them in his own life as much as he talks about them. That’s why his achievements and accomplishments are quite impressive and a source of inspiration to attendees.

Easy to Work With: Sati is a through professional with a pleasing demeanor. He is highly accommodative and an easy person to work with. He is very considerate and cooperative and he will do his best to ensure that your event is made memorable and a roaring success.


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