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Success Principles for Corporate Executives, Entrepreneurs, and Sales People

Sati Achath is a multitalented motivational speaker, whose workshop will have a tremendous impact on corporate executives, entrepreneurs, and sales people. Here is the no-nonsense, eye-opening workshop from which they can learn the simple qualities of Abraham Lincoln, Oprah Winfrey, Martin Luther King, Henry Ford, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet, Mark Zuckerberg, Steven Spielberg, and many other successful people.

Hiring Sati for conducting the workshop will be an appropriate decision. Here are the top four reasons for having him:

Immensely Valuable Takeaways: Attendees will be enriched and empowered with meaningful ideas, tools, and techniques that can be immediately applied in their day to day life to achieve a high level of success.

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Visually Unforgettable Presentation: Sati’s workshop is innovative, interactive, exciting, and entertaining.

Multi-page Take-home Handouts: Attendees will carry with them handouts of Sati’s workshop which will help them to review and analyze the quintessential traits and qualities of successful people.

Real-world Experience: With 23 years of experience in the World Bank in Washington D.C and 8 years prior to that in the Indian Civil Service in various responsible positions, he is a proven leader with deep real-world experience.


  • Sati’s workshop will help corporate executives, entrepreneurs, and sales people learn a number of critical qualities (such as creating dreams, setting goals, developing self-discipline, overcoming obstacles, becoming proactive and persistent, and pursuing excellence) and catapult them to a higher level. In particular, they will benefit in terms of improving efficiency, increasing productivity, earning higher income, getting promotions, as well as striking a better balance between their professional life and personal life.